Ola unveiled new commercial electric scooter patent

Ola is one of the top electric two wheeler manufacturing companies in India. Most of the market share is acquired by Ola Electric. Ola scooter comes with  5th variant, different range and price of electric scooter. But all the scooters are for public transportation. So Bangalore based startup company Ola Electric has unveiled a new commercial electric scooter patent for delivery purpose.

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In India eCommerce businesses are increasing day by day. So, most of the delivery boys carry their goods by two wheeler. So, Ola wants to capture this market where Ola electric scooters are a very important role for delivery transport.

This electro scooter is small and compact and designed for delivery and commercial purposes. The scooter is very simple and it is connected with a simple tubular chassis. 

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There is a small instrument cluster that shows speed range, battery life and  many more.  It offers telescopic front forks.

 This is the first electric scooter from Ola that  offers a removable battery back. It is  located under the seat. As per report, this electric scooter will be long and it is powered by a 3 kilowatt hour battery pack that offers 150 range on a single charge. It may be a twin battery pack also. On the rear side of this scooter has a large delivery goods carrier for commercial purposes. 

Article source:- Rushlane

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