India’s 1st Sodium Ion battery launched by Sodion Energy

Sodion Energy, led by co-founder Bala Pachyappa has launched India 1st sodium ion batteries. This new battery technology will bring a revolution of the electric vehicles sector to home appliances. This new Sodium battery will reduce our dependence on lithium-ion batteries and reduce cost effective EVs.

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The company wants to add this battery on the small and medium electricity uses applications like UPS, to solve power cuts at our home appliances. They plan to launch a starter battery pack with a ten year warranty and replace traditional lead acid batteries by a significant margin. 

Bala Pachyappa is targeting on our high demanding day to day use application, positioning sodium ion batteries as a game changer for electric vehicles and stationary applications. He revealed the company’s strategy of initially targeting the aftermarket before engaging with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The company founded by Pachyappa called it ‘lead acid killer’ that offers its superior traditional technologies. This technology comes with a safety, affordability, and extended lifespan, making it a compelling choice for various applications. 

The main drawback of this Sodium Ion battery is that it has a less energy density than the other battery. Its disadvantage is  that it doesn’t support a fast charger to charge the battery. It is a revolutionary battery technology for energy storage. 

The main advantage of this Sodium Ion battery is it is safe, recycling and abundant in the environment compared to lithium. This Sodium battery will make  India green and have zero emissions in future.

The low contain of lithium in the earth, there is high demand for alternative batteries. So, Sodium Ion batteries are a good option for lithium batteries. This battery is a significant player in India’s mission towards a healthier and more sustainable environment.

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