India first flying taxi takes double cost of an Uber Ride

We believe in technology. so, the future is going on with new technology. There is a new technology in India which is flying taxis. This is the future transportation of the new world . India is not far away from it. Indian Institution of Technology(IIT-Madras) has launched their flying taxi as the name of e200. 

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The company founder and CEO of Aerospace engineering , professor Satya Chakravarthy has achieved this indigenous flying taxi – e200.

In an exclusive interview on NEWs 18 , on various aspects of e200 of its design, safety, regulatory consideration, and its potential impact on urban transportation.

He said, We had to make the aircraft very compact so that we can land in tight spaces, fly over crowded skies in India. We want to cover short distances multiple times before we have downtime for charging the battery.”

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It is capable of landing on a short place like a rooftop or any helipad. From city to city drive , this flying taxi is an easy transport apart from electric and eco-friendly.

Article source:-News 18

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