EVs harm environment more than petrol and diesel engine, study says

We all know electric vehicles are the future of the modern transport system. But studies say EVs harm the environment more than petrol and diesel engines. Ev releases are more toxic in the environment than any fossil fuel. 

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As per recent studies by Emission Analytics,  a firm that analyses emissions data, challenges this idea. The study results were published in the Wall Street Journal that shows how Electric vehicles and fossil fuel engine cars make pollution which originated from brakes and tires.

The main problem of ev is its heavy weight. Due to its heavy weight, it releases more particles from brakes and tyres compared to petrol and diesel powered cars. The study says this could be 1,850 times greater.

Most of the tires are made from petroleum products which are synthetic. Due to heavy weight, it deteriorates faster, releasing harmful chemicals into the air. 

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The study says that tires release toxic emissions from an EV with a half-tonne (1,100 pounds) battery could be over 400 times higher than exhaust emissions from a modern petrol car.

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