Ex-ISRO engineer launched a revolutionary lightweight EV with composite materials

Commercial electric vehicles industry is booming in India. Recently Gurugram based commercial electric car manufacturing startup company Planet Electric has launched a brand new cargo electric vehicle in India. The company claims that it is lightweight and cost effective made of composite materials for its chassis, body and the cargo box. 

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The two persons Gagan Agrawal (33) and Prakhar Agarwal (35) , both started this company in 2021. But this startup  has to cover long way to catch up the dream into a reality. The innovation in Materials engineering for light weighting for EVs cannot be ignored.

The company , co -founder and CEO, Gagan Agrawal said,” we know composite materials are already in use in aviation and aerospace because of aluminium fuselages were replaced by composite fuselages and fuel efficiency had gone up by 25%. We also knew that cooling towers and multiple other things were being built, except motor vehicles.”

Gagan is B.Tech man who worked 3 years in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). On the other hand , Prakhar Agarwal , co-founder of this company, worked a dacade in ISRO. He has experience on making rocket and spacecrafts with composite materials. 

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Both are the aerospace engineer and gained experience in composite materials. Then they are trying to use this material in electric vehicles for lightweight. Of course, they understood, the aerospace technology is more complex and advanced. The, are working 3 years on e-LCV project. The company claims that the composite materials chassis is 67 percent light weight than the competition. As a result, it allows 50 percent battery capacity reduction leading to superior cost economics.

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