Mahindra set to launch three new EVs in India

India’s largest SUV manufacturing company Mahindra is shifting their car from ICE car to electric car. So, Mahindra is going to launch three new electric cars in India this year,2024. The three new electric car will be launched under its new ‘BE’ ( Born Electric) sun-brand. Mahindra will introduce three electric car which are BE.05, Rall-E, and BE.07 under the BE brand. 

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Mahindra BE.o5

Mahindra BE.o5

The 1st one is Mahindra BE.05. The BE.05 will launch after XUV.e9 and XUV.e8 are launched. Coming to the specifications, EV will come in a coupe-SUV body style. It is equipped with large battery pack which is 60-80 kWh. The 80 kWh battery pack offers 450 kms range on a single charge. The Mahindra BE.05 may launch around 2025. 

Mahindra BE Rall.e

Mahindra BE Rall.e

Tha Mahindra BE Rall.e is the second electric car from Mahindra. This model will be based on the BE.05. Talking about the changes, the BE Rall.e comes with bigger all terrain tyres, roof rack, larger skid plates, side claddings and many other rally and off-road focused features.

It offers the same battery pack which is used on BE.05. The range of this car is equal to 450 km on a single charge. Similar to the BE.05, the Rall.e will also be based on Mahindra’s INGLO EV skateboard platform and feature the same battery pack. The Rall.e will be launched in early 2026.

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Mahindra BE.07

The third electric vehicles from Mahindra is Mahindra BE.07. It is the biggest SUV electric car from Mahindra within these past all electric car was launched. It offers a slick and modern design and also a bigger size. It comes with three largest battery pack that offers longer range. The launch date yet not confirmed. But it is expected that it would may launch in 2026. 

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