Top 10 Electric Bikes Under Rs 1.5 lakh in 2023

Top 10 Electric Bikes Under Rs 1.5 lakh in 2023

We have taken top 10 electric bikes under Rs 1.5 lakh in 2023 that are All the electric bikes are non Chinese and available in India under 1.5 lakh.  Best Electric Bikes Under 1.5 lakh 10 . EV Evolve R/Z Earth Energy launches two variants electric scooter EV Evolve R and EV Evolve Z. Both … Read more

TVs iQube vs Ather 450x: Best comparison in 2023

We know TVs iQube vs Ather 450x comparison is very hard  to compare because both scooters come with their best price, range,top speed,specifications in 2023. TVs  recently launched their new electric iQube scooter with three variants. The scooter gives you Standard, S and ST variants with the ST coming in the same ballpark as the … Read more

why is the electric scooter more dominant than electric bike?

There is a surprising question is coming up electric two wheeler market.” why is the electric scooter is more dominant than electric bike?” many people are not giving much attention on this scenario to the overwhelming dominance of scooter. Electric Scooter vs Electric Bike In two wheeler market where motorcycle dominate with over 60 percent … Read more

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