LML Electric Scooter Reviews, Price, Specs, -LML Star, Moonshot and Orion

Kanpur startup two wheeler manufacturing company Lohia Machinery Limited  or LML is going to launch a new LML electric scooter LML Electric. Three new models of three different models of scooters – LML Star, Moonshot and Orion respectively – have leaked their screens on the first day. In the future, these three new models of … Read more

Komaki unveiled New Komaki Electric Cruiser Bike and Scooter

Komaki electric cruiser and Venice Scooter are the next two launches with attractive mileage,modern technology        New start up company Komaki has launched two electric two wheelers, an Komaki electric cruiser motorcycle Ranger and an electric scooter Venice. Both these electric vehicles come with two different features.  But Komaki has not yet revealed its specification. The … Read more

New BMW CE04 Electric Scooter is Coming Soon in India in 2022

The German company is going to launch its new premium electric scooter BMW CE04 globally this year; it may also launch in India. The company is actively considering BMW CE04 Launching in India and China, it will not be cheap, it will be imported. So, its price will be expensive. Its price is around $11,700 … Read more

How to choose the best mobility Scooter for you?

If you are a ev buyer then you must to know “How to choose the best mobility Scooter for you?”We all know, due to the increase and environment pollution electric vehicles companies and government are pushing more awareness for EV buyers.More and more startup companies are developing new technology on electric vehicles. Here we will … Read more

GT Force unveiled two wheeler electric scooter on EV Expo 2021 in India

GT Force high speed electric scooter comes with 60km/h top speed and 150km range in EV Expo 2021 in India GT Force high speed e-scooter comes with 60 km/hour top speed and  150 km range  In recent years GT force electric two wheeler company is going to expand and add new electric vehicles day by … Read more

In 2021 EVTRIC has unveiled high speed best electric two wheeler in India’s Market

In 2021 EVTRIC has unveiled high speed electric two wheeler in India’s Market India’s electric two wheelers startup company EVTRIC Motors has unveiled high speed two wheelers electric scooter and Motorcycle at India expo 2020 in Greater Noida. Including these three electric two wheelers, one is a high speed motorcycle and the other two is … Read more

BattRE Electric scooter lunches with affordable 60k price In India

       The BattRE company has launched their first  few eco-friendly e-scooter units in India. It has a very classy look, and is medium weight.            The fastest growing digital automotive blog in India, brought to you here to give full information about this “In 2021 BattRE Electric scooter Review, Design,Range, Specifications, Price,Colours,Dealership”. We are a … Read more