Ola electric scooter Rs 10,000 offer for festive season

If you are planning to buy all electric scooter then here is an amazing news for you. There is an opportunity where you can get 10,000 rupees discount on Ola electric scooters. You can get 5 years of free warranty on the battery pack but how is it possible?

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Ola electric scooter mega offer for festive season

Ola electric announced  mega discount offers as a part of that you can get discounts on old electric scooters.

 There’s an opportunity where you can get a free S1X electric scooter. But what are those five huge Festival discount offers?

The company is offering five exciting offers for the new customers and the existing customers of the Ola Electric. 

The first offer is the exchange bonus offer. So to get this offer you need to buy any Ola electric scooter. Go to the nearest Ola experience Center and then you need to exchange your petrol scooter. Based on the valuation you can get a maximum discount on the scooter up to 10,000 rupees. 

The experience Center will decide and they will check the documents and all. The pre petrol scooter lifetime based on that will provide the discount. The maximum discount you will get is 10,000 rupees and the remaining offers. 

You need to click on this like a test ride for a free ride paying out credit cards. So for all these things first click on the TNC application.

The second offer on the Ola S1 scooter is 7,500 rupees discount. On the selected credit card to be specific by using one card credit card. You can get a 10% discount up to 7,500 rupees. 

So through EMA  up to 9 months validity you can get the 7,500 rupees discount.

You can use other credit cards but you will get less discount up to 5% only like IDFC, SBI, HDFC for all these Banks. 

The maximum discount is 5,000 rupees. So  this offer validity is up to 15th November 2023 on purchase of Ola S1 electric scooters.

Now the third offer that they are offering is 5 year battery warranty promise.  The Ola S1 variant comes with a 3 years warranty on the battery pack. But due to the festival season Ola electric is providing 2 years additional warranty on the battery pack for free of cost. But this variant is applicable only for the S1 Pro second generation variant.

If you go to purchase the S1 air variant, you’ll get 50% off on the extended warranty on the battery pack. So whatever the extended warranty price, you are paying only half of it. It is the second to offer 5 years battery pack warranty completely free of cost for the S1 Pro second generation.

For S1 Air, you need to pay just half of the amount.

The next offer is lucky boot offers. So the lucky boot offer means you can get a free S1X electric scooter. So how can you get S1X first? You need to go for a test drive on the existing Ola S1 electric scooter experience Center.

 But this offer is not applicable for Tamil Nadu remaining regions. It is applicable when you successfully completed the test ride. The customer will receive a link either through WhatsApp or through SMS. So based on that link you if you are lucky you can get a reward which is the maximum reward is Ola S1X electric scooter.

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