Lexus unveils its LF-ZC luxury electric car at Japan E-mobility show

Lexus has unveiled its new electric car LF-ZC at Japan’s Mobility show which is a four door luxury car that may launch by 2026.  The luxury Toyota brand also showcased a concept electric car called the LF-ZL which the company says is for a “guilt-free luxury lifestyle.”

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The LF-ZC is a zero carbon emissions electric car which offers a low hanging roofline that smoothly transitions from the hood to the rear.The windshield is long and comes over the heads of the front passengers. The profile and rear shape look like it draws some inspiration from Toyota’s no-longer-ugly Prius. It comes with the same length, too: 187 inches for the LF-ZC versus the Prius at 181.1 inches.

For its Aerodynamics the LF-ZC achieves 0.2 drag coefficient. On the other hand, Tesla model S achieves 0.208 drag coefficient. Lexus claims that it may achieve twice the range of any conventional electric car. They also used next generation prismatic batteries which offers lightweight and more energy density. 

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Lexus uses its new EV architecture and  a software platform called “Arene OS,” which offers advanced safety features and supports over-the-air updates. The system also runs the different multimedia features  on its long infotainment screen that’s shifted to the right for passenger use.

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