India’s first electric highways for electric vehicles – Nitin Gadkari

Our India’s Minister for Road Transport and highways Mr Nitin Gadkari announced that India will soon get electric highways. But what are electric highways? How does it work on the road? 

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Just imagine an electric truck  battery capacity is only 200 km range but trucks usually travel for thousands of kilometers. 

In this situation if a truck stop for 6 hours for charging reaching destination takes 3 days. To eliminate this challenge, electric highways come into picture.

 In simple words, Works similar to our Railways in trains. There are high tension wires which Supply electricity to the engine in the same way on electric highways. There are high tension cables. Now let’s take an electric truck, for example an electric truck has a battery pack.

 An electric motor the truck works with battery power. In case the electric truck charge is reduced. There is a pantograph at the top of the truck just like a train.  It will open and connect to high tension wires. This process is completely automatic. The pantograph automatically scans the high tension wire and I Powers the motor and simultaneously it can charge the battery as well. 

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Which means the electric highways have infinite range to electric vehicles; sensors and actuators are connected to the pantograph. To make sure the pantograph is connected to contact lines.

 Correctly also there is one more advantage to highways. When a brake is applied on an electric truck that energy is used to charge the battery or else the energy is sent back to the grid.

Which means the energy is used to charge other electric vehicles connected to the Grid. In case the vehicle is overtaking another vehicle, the pantograph  automatically lowers itself back inside by using electric highways. Pollution can be reduced due to the elimination of range anxiety in 2016.

Sweden is the first country to use electric highways later in 2019. Germany also joins the electric Highway Journey in both these countries. Seaman Mobility provided the technology transfer for electric highways, a point to be noted.

 Here, these electric highways are not only used for Pure electric trucks but also hybrid vehicles in hybrid trucks. There is a diesel engine along with electric motor and a small battery pack. Now India want to bring the electric highways to reduce pollution levels on highways at least 3 years from now.

We can hear news about India’s first electric Highway. Mr Nitin Gadkari has already announced the first electric Highway. Pilot project is going to happen in nagpur. Most importantly the power supply is completely going to be green energy. Solar energy is used to power the high tension wires that is the complete story about electric highways in India.

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