India launches 1st indigenous electric vehicles charger for two or three wheelers

India developed 1st ever indigenous charging standard for electric two or three wheelers

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Electric vehicles in India are rapidly growing day by day. So, we need our indigenous ev charger to charge our two or three wheelers. Recently India has developed indigenously it’s AC or DC combined EV charger for light weight EVs including two or three wheelers, micro car. This is the world ‘s first AC and DC combined EV charger. 

NITI Aayog, the Department of science and Technology, ARAI, EVs makers, and the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) came together to develop a national standard. The new technology will not only help light EVs but also help global electric vehicles outside India. The new charger will help the customers as well as the EVs manufacturer.

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Speaking on the new charging standard for LEVs,. B V R Subrahmanyam, CEO, NITI Aayog said, “I am happy to note the development of a combined charging standard which is an absolute necessity if we are to achieve our EV targets. A strong need was felt for a combined charging system for Light EVs in India and since such an option has not been provided in International Standards, it was necessary to develop it indigenously to give Light EV customers the option of charging both from an AC or a DC outlet, whichever is available conveniently for them. Since more than 75 per cent of new vehicles sold in India are either two or three-wheelers, we created a standard that impacts the biggest chunk of the vehicle market. Several government bodies and private sector OEMs came together to make this happen.”

Article source:- Hindustan Times


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