Electric cars catch fire again in Bengaluru. How and when did it caught fire?

Electric vehicles sales are growing rapidly year by year in India. Millions of electric vehicles have been sold over the years. Two wheelers are the majority in India. So, most of the customers demand safety for their electric vehicles. Today a video went viral on social media. It is coming from Bengaluru near Delmia circle. An electric car caught fire. 

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In this video, an electric car was parked near the roadside. Suddenly it was blasted into  a black flames and spread fire rapidly. The car was completely destroyed and was reduced to ashes. 

It is not clear what it was. Some people are questioning the safety of electric cars. But some people guessed that it was an old model of the Mahindra EV, the e20. There were no injuries in this incident. 

Last year after several electric vehicle fire incidents, the government released strong guidelines for EV batteries. To reduce the incident, they notified the EV company to use LFP batteries, software updates and more. 

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After this incident, we are concerned about the safety of electric vehicles. Before the launch of any EV, we need to test again and again so that the fire incident does not happen again. 

Article source: Times of India

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