Maruti’s planning to launch eVX electric vehicles with 500 km range

Maruti Suzuki, India’s leading passenger vehicle manufacturer, has long been a dominant force in the country’s car market. However, its absence in the electric vehicle (EV) segment has been conspicuous, with rivals like Tata and Hyundai making significant strides. But Maruti is preparing to change that with the imminent launch of its first electric car, codenamed eVX, expected to hit the roads by 2025.

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While specific details about the eVX are still under wraps, the vehicle was spotted testing on Indian roads earlier this year, suggesting that Maruti is making progress in its electric vehicle endeavors. Although the official launch date remains undisclosed, the car is highly anticipated, and here’s what we know so far.

Powertrain and Range

The eVX will be a five-seater SUV featuring a dual-motor setup powered by a 60 kWh battery pack. What’s impressive is its projected range of up to 550 kilometers on a single charge. This substantial range addresses one of the major concerns for potential EV buyers – range anxiety. With 550 kilometers at your disposal, the eVX provides a compelling option for both city and long-distance driving.


 In terms of design, the eVX is expected to follow Maruti’s SUV design philosophy. It will feature an aerodynamic profile, extended wheelbases, and an ideal ground clearance. The car’s dimensions are approximately 4,300 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, and 1,600 mm in height. Its size and shape bear a resemblance to Maruti’s flagship SUV, the Brezza.


Maruti Suzuki aims to equip the eVX with advanced technology and safety features. The vehicle will incorporate connected features, a touchscreen infotainment system, and a digital instrument cluster. These features are expected to enhance the driving experience and cater to the tech-savvy audience. Maruti’s focus on technology aligns with the evolving automotive landscape, where connectivity and digital features are becoming increasingly important.

Sustainability and Market Impact

Maruti Suzuki’s entry into the electric car segment signifies its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As concerns over climate change and air quality grow, electric vehicles are seen as a crucial part of the solution. By launching the eVX, Maruti aims to contribute to the transition to greener mobility options in India.

The introduction of the eVX also has the potential to impact the Indian car market significantly. As one of the most trusted and recognizable car brands in India, Maruti’s foray into electric vehicles can help accelerate the adoption of EVs in the country. Its wide network of dealerships and service centers across India can make electric vehicles more accessible to consumers.

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In conclusion, Maruti’s eVX marks an important step for the company as it embraces electric mobility. While specific details about the car are yet to be officially announced, its impressive projected range and Maruti’s brand reputation could make it a game-changer in the Indian electric vehicle market. As the launch date approaches, more information about the eVX’s features, pricing, and availability will likely be unveiled. With the eVX, Maruti Suzuki aims to electrify not just its vehicles but also the Indian car market, driving towards a sustainable and cleaner future.

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