Chandigarh Govt will stop fuel based vehicles registration by end of December month

Chandigarh administration is going to stop registration of fuel based two wheelers by the end of the first week of October. As per the EV policy 2022, Chandigarh govt has already mentioned this timeline. To reduce the pollution and encourage electric vehicles, they have taken this step. 

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Fuel vehicles registered this year,2023

On the other hand, the government mentioned in their EV policy 2022 that fuel based all types of four wheelers registration will also be stopped by the end of December this year. This year 12,076 units of fuel based two were registered by the end of March month. But, after the September months, only electric two wheelers will be registered. 

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In April month, the fuel based two wheelers registered 11,254 units. In this number, 822 units of electric vehicles were registered. 

After this December month, all kinds of fuel based vehicles two, three four four wheelers registration will be stopped. As per the government assumptions, there are almost 15,000+ petrol or diesel engine vehicles that may be registered by the end of the December month. But, after that there are only electric vehicles registered. 

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This year 12,937 ICE four wheelers were registered and 2,528 electric vehicles were registered in Chandigarh state.

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