TVs Motors launched new TVs X electric scooter in India-105 km top speed

A new TVs X electric scooter has been launched into the market. What is that TVs X and how does it look ?

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 On August 23rd, TVs Motors launched a brand new TVs X electric scooter in Dubai. They arranged a grand event in both Khalifa and showcased the highlights of this new TVs electric scooter on B Khalifa building which is one of the tallest buildings in the world. 

If it dive into the details TVs has launched its concept electric scooter called Creon which they have showcased in Auto Expo 2018. So, they rebranded this Creon as TVs X. This is not Elon Musk X, this is TVs X.

So, this is a brand new electric scooter from TVs Motors in India. So, let’s discuss this TVs X in five different parameters. They are designed for battery capacity, range motor capacity and features. 

First of all, if we look at the design, it looks the same as the TVs Creon Concepts which they showcased in Auto Expo 2018. They have done some cosmetic and internal changes to this electric scooter and they launched it. 


So first of all let me share with you the price of this TVs X is 2.5 lakh rupees.  There is no Fame two scheme applicable to this electric scooter because to comply with the fame two regulations. The actual cost of the electric scooter should be under 1.5 lakh. As this electric scooter cost 2.5 lakh rupees ex-showroom price.

Battery & Range

TVs X electric scooter design, battery

In term of specifications, it comes with 4.4 KWh battery pack in this TVs X which is a fixed battery pack. There is no place for leg room. They set up this battery in the leg room itself. So we can say that this is a maxi electric scooter that offers  a range of 140 km on a single charge.

Motor & Top Speed

 This electric scooter will have three riding modes in it.  It is connected with  11 Kw Peak power motor in this TVs X electric scooter which is a midrive motor.

The power from motor to rear wheel is transferred through a belt and the top speed of this TVs X electric scooter is 105 km/h in the top mode.  


This scooter is equipped with a ton of Technology features. It comes with a smartwatch connectivity with the help of your Smartwatch. You can unlock the boot of this electric scooter. You can lock and unlock the electric scooter itself.

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TVs X electric scooter display

And you can on the anti- theft alarm with the help of a smartwatch. You can unlock this electric scooter in five different ways . When it comes to the display TVs have used 10.2 in TFT touchscreen display in this TVs X electric scooter.

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  This display has a browser. You can watch YouTube videos and you can watch a cricket match in this electric scooter.

How to buy TVs X electric scooter?

If anyone wants to buy this electric scooter, you can only book the new TVs X from TVs Motors official website. 

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