Simple One electric scooter latest delivery updates-know more 

Finally some positive updates from Simple Energy from the last two years. Simple Energy didn’t have updated their website and very bad user interface reported by Simple Energy.

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  Recently Simple Energy updated their official website and this new website is far better than the earlier website. The second positive update there is a group in telegram, a simple one update is the group name and the username KK.  

He is actually the owner of a Simple loan electric scooter.  He shared a video about the dashboard of a simple electric scooter. 

So in that dashboard we can clearly understand the real range of a Simple  electric scooter. So according to that video the user charged the electric scooter up to 97 percent.  For 97 percent the dashboard is showing 190 kilometers of range in the ECO mode.

So we can expect approximately up to 200 kilometers of range for Simple One electric scooter in the Eco Mode which is with the top speed of 45 kilometer per hour.

 So officially Simple One is the electric scooter with 200 kilometers of range in the premium segment in the Eco mode. It’s showing 124 kilometers range in the drive mode.

Finally in the Sports mode the range is shown as 90 kilometers. So the Sports mode is the top speed of Simple Energy. Simple One electric scooter which is 105 kilometer per hour top speed. 

PSo the scooter offers a 5 kilowatt battery pack. One is a fixed battery pack and one is a removable battery pack. The good news is we can expect some customer reviews of Simple electric scooters as the customer started using the scooter.

 The specifications wise the scooter top speed is 105 kilometers per hour. Peak Power is 8.5 kilowatt and 30 liters of boot space. 

 The third positive update from Simple Energy electric scooters equipped with number plates on June 6th. When the first batch of Simple electric scooter got delivered. There are no number plates on the electric scooter and a lot of criticism being spread on Simple One electric scooter.

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 Now Simple electric scooter has a number plate and also has RTO approval. So it’s a positive sign and a customer of Simple One Mr Kiran posted his happiness with the Simple One electric scooter on Twitter by mentioning that I loved it. 

But the only question to Simple Energy is why the company didn’t get Fame 2 subsidies.  Simple Energy is the first company to get battery approval as one physics Amendment 3. According to simple energy, Simple One electric scooter equipped with the safest battery packs.

 The safest battery pack in India then why the company didn’t get subsidies is the company not applied for fame 2 subsidies . As the central government reduced the subsidy on electric two wheelers from 15,000 Rupees to 10,000 rupees per kilowatt hour. 

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