Mahindra unveiled new Mahindra Thar electric car in South Africa

Mahindra organized a global event on August 15 in Cape Town, South Africa. They shared quiet things about their future electric Journey for the Indian market as well as for the Global Market.

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Firstly they launched some new tractors for Indian and Global markets then they introduced a pickup truck model based on Scorpio Inn. But obviously these are not electric. So, we won’t be talking much about them in this article. 

They shared their progress in their electric Journey. If you remember exactly one year back on August 15 2022, Mahindra introduced their upcoming 5 electric SUVs. 

All the EVs will be based on mahindra’s new in Globe platform. Two of these five SUVs will be from mahindra’s first sub brand XUV and those are XUV E8 and XUV E9 and remaining 3 will be based on be which is mahindra’s another sub brand. 

Those three models are be zero five b is 0 7 and B is zero nine. The first electric car from this in glow platform will launch in December 2024 and remaining cars will be launched in 2025.

I think Mahindra is going to face a huge competition when they launch these electric cars by the end of 2024 and in 2025. Mahindra revealed that they are going to use 60 and 80 kilowatt hour LFP batteries in this upcoming electric car.

They briefed about their powertrain, new suspension technology, display AR heads up display, add  music system and OTA updates.  Basically on this new inglow platform we are going to see two cars two electric cars from the XUV brand.

Three electric cars from be brand and some cards will be based on tar Scorpio and Bolero.  Yes in future we can expect an electric Bolero and electric Scorpio. Mahindra showcase star e Concept in this

event.  We all know that Mahindra recently changed their logo for their cars. Their Autos remained with an old logo. All the IC cars come with the new twin Peaks logo and the recently launched XUV400 electric car comes with the copper twin Peaks logo. 

Mahindra unveiled a new logo for their upcoming electric cars and one more thing they appointed AR Rahman sir to compose background music for the AVS for their upcoming electric cars.

Finally they unveiled the most awaited Thar e concept. This electric car will be based on the current ictar. But the design and powertrain is going to be totally different personally by looking at this design. 

 It might get a 60 kilowatt or 80 kilowatt hour battery pack and might be getting a 400 to 550 kilometers of range.

The exact specifications are not yet revealed in this event. This is just a concept as of now and we can expect some drastic changes.  When it goes to production, overall we can conclude that Mahindra is going to bring most of the current IC cars that are electric along with some newly designed models.

Article source:- Hindustan Times

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