Made in India budget friendly electric car- Lush L1

In India every person has Talent. Every engineer want to do something for the society.  But due to their situations and financial problems, they are unable to do good things for society.

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 In this article, we’ll share one such story to you. So let’s get started, this is Lush L1. A two-seater single door electric car designed and developed in India in 2013.

Mr Vijay Kumar, Mera Pala established Lush Motors private limited to offer budget electric cars in India after five years of research and development. 


Lush Motors introduced Lush L1 electric car in India. Lush L1 is a three-wheel two seater electric car whereas the size of this electric car is more than a bike and less than an auto inside the car. 

There is place for two people to enjoy the ride at the rear side.  There is ample amount of space to keep your luggage. The width of this car is so less easy to park in some of the heavy crowded areas.

Lush L1 electric car

The v-shaped projector headlamps are the major retraction for this car. The headlamp gives indication signals like turn indicators, parking and reverse mode. 


 Coming to the technical specifications of lush L1 the electric car works with a 1 kilowatt electric motor which offers a top speed of up to 55 km/h which is more than enough for city road conditions. 

 The motor works with a 48 volt 100 amps 4.8 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery pack. It comes with smart BMS offers a range of 120 kilometers on a full charge this range is enough for your city ride commuting. 

Charging time is up to 6 hours at home with a fast charger. The charging time is just 1 hour 30 minutes. The car body is made with composite material to offer great strength and lightweight.

They even used gel coated painting for Scratch resistance. You can open or close the car doors remotely with the help of your smartphone. The car has a front telescopic suspension at the front for better Comfort.


It has features like reverse mode, Bluetooth, GPS, navigation and sharing your trip nearest charging station indicator for the first time in India.


 An electric car gets a biometric start feature inside the car. There is a 7 inch touchscreen display shows battery percentage range speed and odometer reading with all the features less shelving became a great option for the middle class in simple words.  


In simple words it’s a traffic Escape electric car.  This electric car is expected to price at 2 lakh rupees in 2018. Lush Motors received the best startup award for HM TV channel for making eco-friendly electric car in India.

 But unfortunately due to lack of funding the startup terminated the Lush L1 electric car project.

Otherwise today, we could have seen a budget electric car in the market that’s the story of India’s first single door two-seater electric car.

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