Evoride launches Evoscoot E-scooter with 230 range

India’s new electric two wheelers startup company Evoride has launched their Evoscoot electric scooter in India with 230 km range. 

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Now coming to the story of Evoride company. Rohit Venkatrama,  Abhishek, Rahul venkatraman a group of automobile Engineers with work experience in companies like Triumph motorcycle. Renault India started the Evo ride in 2018 and developed electric scooters. They focused on battery performance range in the process. They have supplied NMC battery packs for defense and Aerospace industries from Last 5 Years.

 The team is building a performance electric scooter to meet the needs of Indian customers. The design of evoride the prototype electric scooter Evoscoot looks like a flying eagle at the front.

And the performance of the electric scooter is equivalent to Ather 450x.  Evoscoot electric scooter comes with battery swapping technology in just 30 seconds.

Evoride Evoscoot electric scooter
Evoride Evoscoot electric scooter Battery swap

You can change the drain battery with a fully charged battery. The shape of the battery pack looks like a mini suitcase.  You can easily carry the range of this electric scooter.  Evoride wants to fill the thirst of EV customers with 230 kilometers of range on a full charge. 

Evoride Evoscoot electric scooter motor

 They’re offering three battery pack variants like 80 kilometer range, 150 kilometer range with two battery packs and 230 kilometers of range with three battery packs.  The range 230 kilometers is not a certified range.

 It is true range sounds unbelievable for the first time. They used well less battery system first of its kind tab cooling for Superior thermal stability and high performance in extreme temperatures. 

The batteries offers multi-level safety comes with high energy density to meet the performance requirements of customers.  The startup uses a high top mid Drive electric motor that offers best efficiency and performance. There is enough boot space into the scooter to keep two half helmets or one sports helmet.

What is so special about this scooter? It is a modular design. It can be used for personal commute as well as a cargo vehicle because the scooter is made to meet the needs of B2B customers as well as B2C customers.  For B2B customers the scooter works like a loader variant for B2C customers. 

The scooter works like a day-to-day commuter in one vote.  Evo red electric scooter is packed with Innovation and Future Ready technology. 

 The startup offers smart features along with this electric scooter like mobile app connectivity to locate the nearest swap station. 

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Battery packs can be serviced on a cell level which increase the battery life cycle by 1.5 times. The startup offers One battery as a standard and additional batteries are optional.Customers can pay upfront or lease the additional batteries. 

Finally Evo red Evscoot is currently in the testing stage. The startup doesn’t want to disclose any information about the launch date.  They are serious about product testing.  It’s complete, we can expect a launch update from the team. 

So wishing all the best to Evo ride, hope the electric scooter launch in the Market at the right time that’s the story of the upcoming electric scooter in India.

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