India Best Epick Electric Cycle- price, range battery

The best electric cycle in the market and today we have Epick electric cycle, it is completely Made in India.  Most importantly the company is offering four years of variety of the battery pack, motor and controller.  They are offering four years of free service for this electric scooter. 

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 This is definitely one of the unique points of this electric cycle and also the build quality. They’re made with aluminum casting. This aluminum casting is moreover this electric cycle is suitable for modularity. Lot of options can be done in this particular electric cycle segment.


The wheel size is 26 inch and the wheel is made with aluminum alloy. Usually most of the electric Cycles in the market comes with Spoke Wheels. The problem with spark Wheels is if some Sparks are damaged. It actually ultimately leads to the complete damage of the wheel. So it is actually reducing the strength of the wheel.

Brakes & Suspension

They are offering front disc braking system and moreover they are offering a mud guard also. They are providing the mud guard as a direct combination with the electric cycle.  They are not offering the mud guard as an accessory. 

Usually most of the electric Cycles in the market, they are offering the suspension for namesake. But usually there is no suspension feel in the electric cycle. 

But this company give  a complete impact the suspension and it  is actually moving right.

LED light

This cycle comes with  a LED light.  when the electric cycle is being used in different road conditions.  There is a chance that led light may get power cut or also some loose Edge issues. But here they are offering this LED light at the top position that  makes this LED light visibility more and also more stronger. 

Seats Comfort

 They are offering  another advantage of Epick bikes.  They are offering different seats for different Riders. Usually if you are a normal rider , if you are new to Electric cycle. Most of the Riders use the throttle mode. If you are using throttle mode, you require more comfort. So, they are offering more cushion to the seat. 

 If you are a normal Rider, you do a lot of cycling then you expect a hard seat. So it depends on the rider Comfort.

Adjustable seat

One more offer they are offering by Epick electric cycles and this seat also provided with the adjuster. Here you can simply adjust this seat depending on your height.

GPS connectivity

 One more thing about this Epick electric cycle unique feature, they are offering a GPS connectivity feature.  Most of the customers have a problem. 

 What will happen if my electric cycle gets stolen? For that issue they are offering a GPS extension. If you pay an additional amount they will offer this GPS but additional to that if you’re going to use the GPS connection for two years.

Battery price

If you’re able to ride this electric cycle for 20,000 kilometers, then they will offer the battery pack for just half the price. If the battery pack cost is 10,000 rupees then they will provide for just 5000 rupees. 

One more offer they are offering by Epick electric cycles and this seat also provided with the adjuster. Here you can simply adjust this seat depending on your height.

 Strong side stand

The Epic bike electric Cycles, they are offering a strong side stand. Most of the stands are very weak. If they are offering a normal weak stand, it completely depends on the defensive vehicle damage Factor. If the stand is very weak there is a possibility that the electric cycle may get damaged. That is the reason epic bikes offering a strong stand.They are again using aluminum quality here in this side stand.


Epick electric cycle
Epick electric cycles-range, price, speed

The Epick electric cycle equipped with 250 watt motor and the peak power is up to 450 Watt and the top speed is 25 kilometer per hour. But in the parallel assist mode you are able to go with the top speed of up to 35 kilometers per hour.

Load capacity

Now coming to the load capacity. They are offering 140 kgs of load capacity. Almost similar to an electric scooter load capacity. 

Turn indicator

One more unique feature about Epick electric Cycles.  They are offering a brake light along with the term light indicator. For example if the rider is taking the right turn or left turn. This brake light can be used in two ways it can be used as a brake light as well as the term light indicator as well more safety for the rider. 

Unique Chain

 One more unique factor is this chain. It will not be loosen.  Usually there are possibilities that the electric cycle chain will loosen. The possibilities of brakes are as well. But this electric cycle can come with different options that will protect the chain completely and will not lose any point of time.

Portable Battery

Coming to the other features of Epick bike electric cycle is that they are offering a portable battery pack. Moreover this battery pack is completely into this Frame so that more kind of safety for the battery pack. 

Battery Capacity

This is the removable battery pack from Epick comes with two variants. One is 10 Ah battery pack 36 volt and the other variant is 20.8Ah battery pack. 


So with 10Ah  battery pack,  the range is 40 kilometers in the throttle mode and 60 kilometers in the pedalic mode. The 20Ah battery packs 80 to 100 kilometer range in the throttle mode and up to 120 kilometer range in the pedal assist mode. This is a completely IP67 rated battery pack. For 40 kilometer range each bar consists of four four kilometers of range for 80

Charging time

 For a 10Ah battery pack the charging time is 3 hours. For a 20Ah battery pack the charging time is 5 hours.


Now coming to the price Factor. This electric cycle with 10Ah battery pack offers up to a 60 kilometer range variant. The price starts from 30,000 Rupees to 35,000 rupees for the 120 kilometer range variant. The price goes up to 45,000 rupees.  

The company is offering up to four years of warranty on the battery, motor, controller .They are offering service free of cost for four years. That is the main advantage and this electric cycle is being designed and developed by NIT old students.

 So we need to appreciate them because they made this electric cycle from scratch. 

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