Xiaomi launched MS11 electric car at 800 km Range

The Chinese phone maker company  Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi MS11 which comes with a 101 kWh NMC battery and 800 km range. It offers a decent aerodynamic design. Its weight is heavy. 

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Xiaomi MS11 car battery

The Xiaomi MS11 electric car is fitted with a 101 kWh lithium-ion battery. Its voltage reaches 726.7 V. As for the rated capacity, it is 139.0 Ah. But the weight of the battery reaches 642 kg. The energy density is 157 wh/kg. It is an NMC type battery. 

We can compare this battery with one from CATL. For an example, let’s compare it with the battery power of the Avatr 11 SUV. 

The capacity is slightly smaller at 90 kWh. Its voltage reaches only 614 V. But its rated capacity is 147.0 Ah. As for the curb weight of the battery, it reaches 520 kg. Same Specifications have been used in Xiaomi MS11 electric car.


Xiaomi MS11 electric car

Its energy density is 180 wh/kg. But, some reports were coming first that it was using a CATL battery. It is so heavy in terms of weight. The long version Xiaomi MS11 electric car is equipped with this new battery. As a result, its range is almost 800 km. 

But the lower range model offers 600-650 km (CLTL). 

Features and price

The new MS11 has three versions. The first two versions are equipped with BYD’s Blade Battery (LFP). But the third version is equipped with a NMC battery from CATL. On the other hand, MS11 is equipped with a LiDAR sensor and the Qualcomm’s chip. The price range of MS11 is 26,0000 – 35,0000 Yuan ( 36,400- 49,000 USD). 

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