Tork Kratos vs Revolt RV400: Build quality, Specifications, battery,speed, price

Today we have two Performance electric bikes with us. One is Tork Kratos and the other one is Revolt RV400 . Both are

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equally special in their own segments. But in this article we’re going to compare both these electric bikes and which electric bike is more suitable for you. 

Build Quality

 Let us start with the build quality of both these electric bikes. In build quality point of view one point is definitely gained by Tork Kratos. It is more of a heavy weight and look. It feels like the Tork Kratos comes with 140 kgs of curb weight. On the other hand the curb weight of Revolt RV 400 is just 108 kgs. 

Revolt RV400 price, speed, specifications, features

Moreover, the handling point of Revolt RV 400 is lightweight to handle. But there is an issue with Revolt RV400 during throttling. There are some kinds of jerks that can be expected but the Tork Kratos electric bike is a little bit heavy. The acceleration feels just like a petrol vehicle, which is one of the advantages of the Tork.


  Now coming to the top speed of these electric bikes, Revolt RV 400 has a top speed of 85 kilometer per hour whereas Tork Kratos R has a top speed of 105 kilometer per hour.

 Motor Capacity

The motor capacity Revolt RV 400 works with the 3 kW mid Drive motor with a peak power of 5 kW whereas Tork Kratos electric bike works with a 4.5 kW PMS electric motor with a peak power of 9kW.

so performance wise you can expect more performance in the Tork Kratos.

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Battery & Range

Now coming to the battery pack capacity . Battery pack capacity of Tork Kratos is 4 kilowatt offering 180 kilometres of certified range and 120 kilometres of real range. whereas Revolt RV400 on the other hand comes with a 3.24 kilowatt battery pack offering a certified range of 156 kilometres and a real range of close to 140 kilometres. But you can also expect a similar 140 to 150 kilometres range. 

Detachable battery pack

only one advantage in the Revolt RV400 is its detachable battery pack.  you can detach and charge it in your home. Whereas Tork Kratos  is a fixed battery pack. 

Charging time

But there is an advantage for Tork Kratos is its DC fast charging. You can charge this electric bike up to 80 percent in just one hour whereas RV 400 doesn’t come with a fast charging option. It is a regular home charging option. 

Tork Kratos price, speed, specifications, features

Both these electric bikes have a charging time of up to 4 hours to 5 hours 20 to 80 percent of charging. 

Uses of Motor

One more important portion in the motor, Revolt RV400 comes with a belt drive motor. so usually Bell Drive Motors need to replace it after certain kilometers. For example some users say they used to change the belt after  5,000 kilometers. Some users change after 10,000 kilometers whereas Tork Kratos electric bike comes with a chain drive motor. So a chain drive motor has an advantage. Even there is some maintenance that needs to be done for chain drive Motors.

 But usually the wear and tire will be less for the chain drive Motors. In case any kind of loose happened in the chain drive that can be easily repairable by a local mechanic. The Bell Drive motor usually belts are not available in the market. In the regular General kind of Market. But chain drive usually can be expected in any kind of local shop. 


Most of the users usually complained about the seat comfort. Revolt RV400 still the company has to rectify that seat comfort. On the other hand Tork Kratos are electric bike having a good seat Comfort compared with the Revolt RV400.


Coming to the suspension field, both these electric bikes are basically tuned for the Indian road conditions; the front comes with telescopic suspension and the rear comes with monoshock suspension. Definitely users feel more comfortable in both these electric bikes in terms of suspension. But in terms of the Indian known road conditions we feel that the Tork Kratos are electric bike is more tuned for the road conditions of India.


Coming to Breaking, both these electric bikes come with disc braking option but it comes with CBS in both these electric bikes not abs. 


Coming to the the battery pack guarantee Revolt RV 400 comes with 5 years or 75,000 kilometres of warranty for the battery pack. Whereas Tork Kratos comes with a battery pack warranty of three years or 40,000 kilometres. There is no additional option as well extended battery pack guarantee.  


Now coming to the pricing segment Revolt RV400 on-road price is 1 lakh 75,000 rupees whereas Tork Kratos electric bike on road price is 1 lakh 85,000 rupees.


So considering all these segments, if you look at the advantages and disadvantages, what kind of users need to go for Revolt RV400 and Tork Kratos. 

 If you need more performance, more top speed, suspension, better build quality and seat Comfort definitely Tork Kratos is the best option for you. But whereas if you need to lightweight handling kind of thing and a detachable battery pack option, also the stylish look point  Revolt RV400 is best suitable for you.

 so moreover both these electric bikes have their own advantages before buying any electric bike. 

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