Tesla aims to set up  gigafactory in India for affordable electric car at Rs 20 lakh

A new report says that Tesla  is about to 

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build a factory in India. Now the purpose of this Factory is to build electric cars that will cost a ridiculously cheap amount. I don’t know if this is true but considering the fact that Elon Musk appeared to confirm the Indian car factory. 

It is not clear what Tesla is apparently planning to do in India and that is to make some of the most affordable electric cars in the world. In other words they want to build model twos in India and sell them for $20,000. Tesla aims to build a new Factory in India that will produce 5,00,000 models per year and sell them at a price of $24,000 not twenty five thousand or twenty four thousand.

Tesla model 2 electric car
Tesla model 2 car which may manufacture in India

If you’re competing against Tesla because the more of the Model 2 car  that Tesla makes the cheaper.

Tesla said making model 2 in China which

I believe. They eventually will then in India and as well in Mexico you’re looking at potentially millions of the model 2 being produced meaning massive orders from Tesla.

 It looked like Tesla was going to enter the Indian market. Now I didn’t believe they would for various reasons that I’ve mentioned because of well one corruption massive problems with corruption in India.

There’s a lot of problems with taxes with all these different things that

Even Elon Musk has been poor and has pointed out some of the reasons and challenges for why Tesla has yet to enter the Indian car market. And why so many Global automakers are reticent on India they’ve moved out of India or they’ve been tentative about India.

 But it looks like Tesla plans on overcoming these challenges and forging a hip. Now the Indian car market is very big actually. There’s more people in India than any other country in the world. There are  now about 1.4 billion people in the country but the reality is that not many not many cars that cost more than $24,000 are sold in the car market.

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 In fact only around one and a half million cars per year of the world Automotive Market which is 77 million cars a year. It’s a very small number but clearly Tesla wouldn’t be selling most of the model 2.

If  it is produced in India I’d be exporting them elsewhere potentially in Southeast Asia.

In  2021 Tesla was first rumored to be building a King Factory Tesla’s India plan though it went on hold for years. But the company appears to have renewed its efforts to negotiate for a favorable deal or some kind of you know.

 Last month Elon Musk met with prime minister Narendra Modi in the United States. After the meeting Elon said that Tesla would be making an investment in India as soon as  possible.

A new report from the times of India says government sources have released details about Tesla’s plan in India. The publication claimed that Tesla is looking to build a factory producing 5,00,000 model 2 cars at the price of $24,000.

 But keep in mind though the average sales price of a car in India is $12,800. It

would mean the model 2 would be nearly double the price of the average card that’s sold in India. 

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The only thing here is though EBS do qualify for incentives in India that gasoline-powered Vehicles don’t actually. Model 2 could end up being a bit more affordable.

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