Svitch launch four MXC foldable e-cycle in India-Range 60 km to 120 km

Ahmedabad based electric bicycle startup company Svitch has launched its four variants MXC foldable e-bicycle which are strong, premium and expensive.

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The Svitch company CEO says,”We have started giving dealerships and B2C sales since 2018 now. We have almost 125 readers working with Svitch. It may have mostly four thousand or four thousand plus customers. It looks different from our conventional cycle. You can use it like a regular cycle and you can use it like a mopets. You can use it for health purposes or you can use it very conveniently.

Svitch SE foldable e-cycle

 We have four different variants into electric versions. So basically starting from 40 kilometers of the range goes up to 120 kilometers of the range. Now there are four variants that are MXC and MXC line XC XE and XE plus. So basically MXC is brilliant which is very conveniently used by kids from the age group of 8 to 15.”


Any other models if your height is about 4.5 or 5 feet. All the three models are convenient for you. All are equipped with two or three watt BLDC Motors.

 These cycles are foldable. It’s completely foldable and straight 60 degree foldable. You can fold the chases as well as the handlebar. 

Svitch SE foldable e-cycle

You can put it inside a car or something cardboard with more than 250 liters of boot space. You can carry it wherever you want it.

I think the build quality is also top notch.It is  aluminum and completely respirable for Life, any sort of a Terrain, any sort of a rain. It cannot be trusted that your politeness is a guarantee.

 The battery placed inside the chassis and motor is in the rear wheel. The battery is removable or it’s a completely swappable batteries. 

The battery is inside the chases then also you can charge. If you want to swapp and you want to take it somewhere at your residence or office. It  takes almost 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge.

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The starting price is  from 60 000 to 1.19 lakh. The kids are available for Rs 16,000/-. 


All the MXC e-bicycle one year of warranty replacement warranty for entire electrical parts. All the electrical parts come under warranty. If there is any issue then it be replacing it rather than repairing it.

 The batteries are also equipped with one year of warranty. If any manufacturing repair comes, which is a very rare case scenario.

The company have almost like 125 dealers across India but if you are from Hyderabad. you can come down to Begumpet or Madhapur both the showrooms are up and working. 

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