Solar powered Trees to charge your electric vehicles

Now trees are magical. They provide us with food oxygen and they’re beautiful to look at. You may soon be able to charge your electric vehicles by connecting it to solar botanic trees.

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 A UK based startup is designing Sleek solar powered trees that work as EV charging stations. There are two versions of the tree 5.5 meters tall and 3.5 meters tall. The sun’s energy is collected via leaves and is stored in a battery within the tree’s trunk. 

The trees feature solar panels that act as the canopy these panels absorb sunlight and transform it into electrical energy and AI driven energy storage and management systems that regulate and release the charging power. 

The company recently completed a half scale prototype of the device and is now looking to build and test a full-size version as well before going into commercial production at the end of the year. Sadly the tree has a power generation capacity of only 5kw.

It’s making it a rather slow charging option for EV drivers. However the startup is working on a second generation version that will allow faster EV charging as well. The company is also planning to explore customizable structures in the future.

These  structures could include large trees with integrated seating underneath that would let people charge their phones or warm themselves up from the inbuilt infrared heating fixtures effectively and Visually stunning. These solar power trees are definitely the right step towards achieving the Green Mobility Revolution. 

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