Saarthi launched Shavak E-rickshaw In India-200 km Range

India’s leading electric auto rickshaw manufacturing company Saarthi E-rickshaw is a battery driven  E-rickshaw known as Shavak that offers 200 km range on a single. 

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 This scooter comes with LFE Prismatic cells that is the magic behind this 200 kilometer range possibility and for a full charge. The charging time is around six to seven hours. If you look at the design the

The design is familiar to the already existing artists in the market, Bajaj Auto and the tires as you can see the 12 inch tubeless tire. 

This is the highest in the auto segment right now. It offers a hydraulic suspension. The body is made of strong iron material. The interior portion of this auto has been designed with a digital meter. They are using  a very spacious seat that is a good part of this auto.  The driver better feel more comfortable riding on this electric auto. It is  easily comfortable for three passengers at the rear side.

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 It is a complete electric order if you see there are no gears available completely automatic. Only the brake is available here. Just give the throttle the electric order will move. It is a completely maintenance free kind of electricity.  So there is a special feature here.  This electric comes with the reverse camera option as well. The driver can see what’s happening on the rear side also.

Saarthi launched Shavak E-rickshaw In India-200 km Range

 There’s one kind of safety feature availability and also this is how the dashboard visibility looks like a speedometer. Here the battery complete percentage and the odometer and the percentage of the battery temperature is also mentioned in this digital speedometer. There  is the throttle and the switches available here and this is the key, you can turn it on and off. you can simply go for the

right, that is a complete automatic feel. It has a huge battery pack.  They are using two battery packs. One battery pack is under the front seat and  the other battery pack is located at the rear side in the passenger seat. 


shavak E-rickshaw specifications

The Savak electric Auto comes with overall two battery packs with a capacity of 12.8 kilowatt.The load capacity of this electric auto is 550 kgs. They are using a three kilowatt motor which offers a top speed of up to 45 to 50 kilometers per hour. It is  six feet high and does not touch the roof. so overall they are using an automatic cooling kind of roof stuff. This rooftop is actually controlling the temperature. It offers 200 kilometers of range.  


 The price of this electric auto is 4 lakh 65 thousand rupees that is the actual price.  But the government is offering up to one lakh 35 000 rupees as a subsidy so on-road. They will get almost like 3.3 lakh rupees that is the customer price. 

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