S80 Solar Scooter-first on the road

In the future we are all eager for sustainable solutions for the environment. Electric scooters are one of them. To charge the scooter we need a charger and electricity. If we add solar panels on the scooter , what happens? Recently, A chinese startup company made it happen. 

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The company has launched their scooter as the name S80 Solar Scooter. It is very easy and handy for a day to day commute. For short distances and daily life, this scooter is best. 

The newly developed S80 Solar Scooter comes with Jiangsu Snail Zhixing Technology. The company claimed that it is very effective technology right now.

To charge the scooter, we always need a big surface to charge. So, the company attached the solar panel to the front of the scooter. Of course we need a battery pack to charge. It is a unique technology that makes this scooter different from others.

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The S80 scooter is connected with a hub electric motor with a nominal output of 350 watt and offers 15.5 miles (25 km/h) per hour. And it takes seven to 14 hours to fully charge. It offers between 35 to 70 watts of power to charge the onboard, and each charge is good for an impressive 22 miles (35 km) range.

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If you go to the office and park it in a sunny place, then you need not to charge the battery for day-to -day life. 

Other features like in-built GPs, anti theft system, digital display, trip distance and battery life,speed notification,park assist and more. Also these scooters offer turn signals and cruise control. 

The S80 scooter passed all clearance to sell in the US market. The company said that the S80 scooter will be available at $1,400 -in US, the price tag is very impressive. 

Source: Electrik

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