Ola S1 Air Vs Ather 450s- Specifications, Range, Price

Ola electric to launch the Ola S1 Air electric scooter in this month and Ather is going to launch the 450s electric scooter on August 23rd.

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 Now there are some people having some doubts about which electric scooter they need to choose. 

 If you want to choose any one of these electric scooters don’t blindly buy any of these electric scooters, at least wait until the launch in the market. Because all the

companies will say that we have done thousands of kilometers of testing but once they launch on the road.

 we can expect some issues. So if you wait for at least a directory scooter to hit the market after one or two months then you can better choose any of these electric scooters. 

Now in case you already make the choice. you want to go for 450s or Ola S1 electric scooter out of these two electric scooters.


 let me give you some clarification firstly in terms of range Ola S1 air said that 125 kilometers of certified range and the 450s electric scooter certified range is 115 kilometres.  Now coming to the real range I am expecting there is not much difference in the real range because Ola S1 electric scooter going to be a little heavier than the Ather 450s electric scooter. 

Once the weight increases in any electric scooter it will impact the range. So considering that factor into the mind, we can expect the real range of both these electric scooters between 90 to 100 kilometers 

And a point to be noted here that there is one more weight adding factor in the Ola S1 air electric scooter. They are using steel wheels.


The second thing it’s about the features compared with Ather 450s electric scooter. Ola S1 Air to have more features especially in times of TFT touch screen

display. Other features of Ather 450s electric scooter going to be a normal electric scooter not offering features like 450x pro variant  similar to Ather 450x base variant.

Ola S1 Air vs Ather 450s- price, specifications,speed
Ola S1 Air vs Ather 450s- price, specifications,speed

 Ola S1 Air electric scooter dashboard also comes with normal display not HD display. 


The advantage of Ather 450s electric scooter can hit 0 to 40 kph in just 3.9 seconds whereas Ola S1 air can hit the 0 to 40 kph top speed in 4.3 seconds.  

Top Speed

The fourth factor it’s about the top speed Ola S1 air having a top speed of 85 kilometer per hour whereas Ather 450s to have it opposite of 90 kilometer per hour .


So,Ather 450s is more powerful in terms of speed and finally in terms of pricing Ola S1 Air. The  pricing is 1.1 lakh rupees ex showroom price and the Ather  price is 1.3 lakh rupees.


So considering all the specifications and reality facts. If your main preference is features then you can go with Ola S1 air. But if your main preference is performance, better to go with Ather 450s. 

But remember one thing based on the customer’s feedback, there are some issues in both of these electric vehicle companies.  

For example , Ola Electric customers usually complain about the service and Ather energy customers.  You usually complain that the spare parts are expensive.  

So, this is the complete comparison and finally make your audition always go for a test drive before buying any electric vehicle. 

If you are an EV owner willing to share your ownership review with us please WhatsApp your details.  The link shown on the post. 

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