Ola S1 Air electric scooter price hike-affordable to unaffordable

Finally Ola S1 Air final payment dates are out. Ola CEO Mr Bavish Agarwal shared this news through his Twitter handle the purchase window of this Ola Air . S1 Air electric scooter will be open on July 28th.

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This payment window will be open on July 28, 29 and 30 but there is a Twist here whoever pre-books this electric scooter till July 28 and pays remaining amount on July 28,29 and 30 will get this Ola S1 Air at introductory price of 1.1 lakh ex-showroom.

 Those who book or pay final payment from July 31st will have to pay 1.2 lakh as ex-showroom cost means whoever makes final payment before 31st July will get Ola S1 Air at 1.1 lakh. Those who buy this after July 30 need to pay 1.2 lakhs as ex-showroom cost. Ola is playing a very intelligent game here. 

Previously Ola announced this showroom cost of Rs 85,000/- for the 2 kilowatt hour variant and 1 lakh for this 3 kilowatt hour variant after Fame-2 subsidy. 

Revision 2 kilowatt hour variant has got canceled and 3 kilowatt hour variant price hike to 1.1 lakh rupees and now from 31st July the prices are going to high to 1.2 lakh rupees the same thing. We observed in S1 Pro Ola hiked the prices of S1 Pro when demand increased and when users encountered issues. 

 The demand went down then Ola decreased their S1 Pro prices and I think the same is going to repeat here. After Fame 2 subsidy revise the demand for S1 Air is drastically increased and due to this now Ola hike their prices and in future. When demand decreases the price may automatically decrease.

So finally who are you guys are planning to buy Ola S1 air can pre-book this scooter by paying Rs 999/- by July 28 and try to complete the final payment on July 28,29 and 30. Because in this final payment period the Ola application may crash. Due to that you wouldn’t be able to complete your final payment if you pay your final payment on July 31st. 

 You have to pay 1.2 lakhs as extra room so please keep this in your mind and the deliveries of this Ola S1 air will commence from the first week of August. 

The Ola S1 air gets 3 kilowatt or non-removable lithium and battery pack. Ola claims a range of 125 kilometers and the scooter can go up to a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour. 

This scooter gets the same touchscreen display as Ola S1 Pro and it comes with Move OS 3.0.  

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