Kolkata is planning to reduce Carbon emissions adopting EVs  by 2030 

The Kolkata Comprehensive Electric Mobility, Asian Development Bank and Niti Ayog made joint plans to reduce carbon emissions by adopting EVs in the city of Kolkata by 2030.

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The NITI Aayog has different plans for vehicles to achieve the goal. In this plan the target was set for  50 percent of electric two and 100 percent of electric three wheelers. For private four wheelers, the target is to attain a 15 percent market share, while commercial four-wheelers are expected to reach a 30 per cent market share. If this is fulfilled, 2.8 million tonnes of carbon will be reduced. 

There is a huge potential for EVs in kolkata. Right now about 3,500 electric vehicles are operating across Kolkata. But potentially this number may increase to 355,000 EVs by the end of 2030.

Total expenses associated with this transition, considering sales projections, are estimated to be over Rs 30.08 billion. But after adopting these EVs, this value will reach Rs 145.25 billion. For charging stations, about Rs 748 million will be required in kolkata. 

In the financial year 2021-22, the EVs sales growth reached up to four fold. Right now almost 64 percent of electric two wheelers and 35 percent of  four wheelers are registered in Kolkata. The transport minister, Snehasis Chakraborty said that this number showed how the west bengal government is conscious of promoting EVs in kolkata. 

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The minister said that we were collaborating with various companies to promote electric vehicles in Kolkata. 

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