Jaguar and Land Rover owner invest $5 billion dollar in UK for EV battery

 A vast new battery Factory for Tata the Indian owner of Jaguar Land Rover.  It’s good news that it looks like a deal has been done with Jaguar Land Rover to have battery Manufacturing in the UK.

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 The UK exports a lot of cars into the European Union.  We’re only going to be allowed to continue to do that at the current price.  If all the bits come from either Europe or the UK and batteries in an electric vehicle are the biggest most important part.  So,the UK government wants to make them here at home in the UK. 

JLR is one of Britain’s biggest car makers and a big employer.  But if you’re going to make electric cars. You need batteries and up until now.  JLR had left everyone guessing about where its Factory would be with speculation over a site in Spain as well as Some other European countries. 

The car company contributes approximately 11 percent  of all businesses. There are over two and a half thousand supply chain companies. 

 800 000 people are employed in the automotive sector. It’s important for UK PLC. I think we need to think of at least two or three gigafactories in the UK. 

But Britain is coming from a near-standing start right now. It produces less than two gigawatt hours of batteries all from Nissan’s Sunderland site far below most European countries and a long way behind America or that bar on the left-hand side China.

This news comes as a massive relief for the government the prime minister and the treasury but there will be questions for instance. How much precisely is it costing to persuade Tata to choose the UK.

 It is hearing around half a billion pounds will be available to other motor manufacturers where it is actually going to come from and then on top of that will tartar be using Chinese technology in its factories.

 What does the government think about that but with the rest of the world racing to

build these battery production lines. And the UK is far behind in the race and with thousands of jobs on the line such questions are taking a back seat. 

 The government, desperate for good news, expects to hear a lot more about the little cells which will power the energy transition. 

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