Gogoro will invest $1.5 billion to build battery swapping station

Taiwan based electric scooter manufacturing company Gogoro is going to invest massively in Maharashtra for battery swapping stations. This is the big step from Maharashtra govt and Gogoro to make India reliable and sustainable in future. 

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So, Gogoro and the state government has jointly announced that they will enter into “Ultra Mega Project” where Gogoro will invest $1.5 billion to manufacture electric scooters and battery swapping stations across the state. The company said that they will start their work at the end of this year. 

In India there is a 4:1 ratio between motorcycle and scooter. This number is massive because India is a big country. 

Maharashtra Govt categorizes Ultra Mega Projects as a significant strategic investment exceeding US $500 million, As a result of government incentives to ensure successful project execution. Gogoro also wanted financial incentives to be approved and endorsed by the state government. 

Gogoro provides an easy and simple battery swapping network to replace the battery of rider’s to recharge their electric scooters. Gogoro  strongly believes in battery swapping stations instead of charging infrastructure. This process will take as much as six seconds. The rider customers can replace their battery within a few seconds. 

Gogoro electric scooter

Maharashtra is the financial capital of India. Our government strongly supports electric vehicles instead of ICE engines. Gogoro will help to make the state as well as India more sustainable and reliable in future. On this investment, Gogoro will make a smart battery swapping station and Gororo electric scooter. Under this investment, more than 10,000 people will get direct and indirect jobs. 

In line with the vision set by our honorable Prime minister Narendra Modi, and Maharashtra government is fully committed to help build a green and sustainable future for our state.  

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Gogoro is a leading electric scooter manufacturing as well as battery swapping station company in Taiwan. Where thousands and hundreds of battery stations are operating in China, Korea, Singapore, Philippines,and Israel. 

The Gogoro company founder and CEO,Horace Luke said that this investment will directly support the Maharashtra economic. 

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