Ather 450s- Upcoming new budget electric scooter

India’s one of leading electric two wheelers manufacturing company Ather Energy has unveiled its new budget electric scooter as the name of ‘Ather 450s’.

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Finally We got the Ather 450s electric scooter launch date update. So before looking at this update let’s look at the current Ather lineup. Currently Ather offers two electric scooter variants in India. They are Ather 450x and Ather 450x pro. 

After reduction of FAME-ll subsidy both these electric scooters became expensive. Ather 450x base variant is offered at an extra room cost of Rs 1,40,559 and the Ather 450x Pro variant comes with Rs 1,67,073 rupees. 

Both these are extra room prices. When it comes to on-road you should add 10,000 to 15,000 extra depending upon the state in which you are staying. So as I already said after the FAME-ll subsidy has been revised both these electric scooters have become expensive.They are no more value for money. So Ather thought of introducing a new electric scooter variant in an affordable price range.

Ather 450s teaser

 So one month back they announced electric scooter model called Ather 450s which is going to be a starting and affordable electric scooter in Ather lineup. 

They are teasing this Ather 450s electric scooter in the social media handles by showing some of its technical specifications and features. 

But what Ather is offering in this affordable price range. There will be less power and less range compared to the current Ather lineup. Ather will definitely do some cost cutting on this electric scooter. So by considering the leaks which they have given till now. 


Ather 450s display

The upcoming Ather electric scooter will no longer get that color TFT touch display. Ather is offering a digital LCD display in this upcoming Ather 450s electric scooter. The exterior  looks of this upcoming Ather 450s is going to be more or less same as currently offered variants.


 If you look at some of the technical specs of this. It’s going to get a 3 kilowatt hour non-removable battery with which Ather is claiming a range of 115 kilometres. The real range comes to 85 to 90 kilometres and the top speed is going to be same 90 kilometer per hour which is same as Ather 450x Pro and Ather 450x base variant.

 So we won’t get any connectivity features or fast charging option in this Ather 450s but we can expect a Bluetooth connectivity system at this price.


 Ather 450s is going to be 1.3 lakh rupees ex-showroom. When it comes to on road it might offer from 1.4 to 1.47 lakh rupees depending upon the state which you are staying in.

Launch Date

The  launch date of  this upcoming Ather 450s electric scooter is going to launch on August 3. So on August 3, we can expect more details on this Ather 450s along with delivery dates.

So what’s your opinion on this Ather 450s electric scooter. Please let me know in the comments section.

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