Aptera – world first solar car in USA

Automakers across the world are racing to produce a future free of fossil fuels but the electric car of Tomorrow is anything. But traditionally this is the future meet the Aptera, a three-wheeled electric vehicle that can run on the power of the sun. This is the first stroller produced vehicle for the market. 

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It should be the first mass-produced solar electric Aria.  The california-based company joins other International solar car startups in the race to create a vehicle charged by the generator in the sky.  The car is technically classified as an auto cycle and designed to be as efficient as possible. 

You get rid of the weight. You get rid of the extra rolling resistance. It becomes more aerodynamically streamlined. It’s covered in solar cells that capture the sun’s energy delivering miles worth of power without needing to be plugged in.

 The company is hoping to start production next year at a price point below $40,000.The company claims that they got 44000 orders for this.  They are not even in production. 

They took it for a test drive near San Diego. so in the most perfect conditions like on a day .

You could get 40 miles range just from the Sun alone.  If that bears out, that means that most commuters will never have to plug this in. Our test model had some obvious flaws and it could barely make it uphill without overheating. Now we’re slowing it out again.

Aptera - world first solar car in USA
Aptera – world first solar car in USA

 I think you’re the first person to ever drive this on a hill. While there are limitations experts envisioned solar EV could change the way. 

We think about Transportation putting less stress on the power grid and utilising free energy. 

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You don’t have to pay the billions and billions of dollars of grid enhancements.  You would need to charge all those electric vehicles, a dream of a gasless world betting big on the power of the Sun.

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