10 tips to safe your scooter in Monsoon season

Electric scooter is a very good option for traveling short distances. Recently it has become more popular. Most of the people have no knowledge on how to save your scooter from the Monsoon during the rain. If you have no knowledge then your scooter may be damaged or face problems. Always have to care for your electric scooter mostly in the rainy season and cold weather. 

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Check  for corrosion on the wires, the battery case, and the batteries to ensure longevity and good maintenance. Your care gives a long life to your scooter. 

Here 10 tips for maintaining your scooter during monsoon

1.Protect dashboard

Always keep the dashboard protected by cover so that rain water can not enter into the scooter. Some scooters provide information about any faults in your scooter.

2. Anti Protection Spray

You need anti protection spray to protect from dust and moisture in the atmosphere can cause rust and corrosion to the parts of your electric scooter. This anti dust protects your electric scooter body. 

3. Carefully charge the scooter

Most electric scooters offer removable lithium-ion batteries. Also it provides a battery charging socket. Always charge your battery through the original charger, don’t charge the battery alternate charger. Alternate charger damages your scooter if you charge multiple times. 

Always connect the scooter with a charging point then connect the charger with a charging socket. 

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4. Care before washing scooter

Always keep the battery and charger from the scooter when you are washing your scooter at home or the service center to ensure good maintenance and longevity. 

5. Find a safe parking spot

Find a safe parking spot which should be shaded so that rain water can not enter into the battery or scooter. Also use a water resistant cover on your electric scooter to safeguard it from damp and humidity conditions.

6. Project battery during Rain

If you don’t get parking places near you, then take the battery to your house. Also cover the electric scooter to damage the scooter from rain and humid conditions.

7. Follow the cool-down protocol

For better battery life you always cool the battery. After riding, you should cool your scooter then charge. on the other side you should cool-down the battery after charging the scooter then riding. 

8. Avoid heavy rain

If you want to go outside the house and it is raining heavily. Then you should avoid going outside the house. Because heavy rain creates problems for any scooter.

9.contact service center

After charging 100 percent, if your scooter stopped suddenly then you should contact the service center. 

-Battery takes an unusually longer time to charge than your everyday experience.

10. Don’t Panic

If you feel Panic to maintain your scooter during monsoon season, you contact the service center. 

Every scooter has different terms and conditions to avoid heavy rain and also provide detailed information. 

Source: BGuass Electric scooter

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