Upcoming electric scooter in India,2023

We are very worried about the electric scooter. Should we buy a scooter and wait for the upcoming electric scooter in India, 2023. Today we discussed the top 5 upcoming electric scooters as per range, top speed, specifications, price and launch date also. 

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5. Kinetic e-Luna

Kinetic green company to launch the Kinetic e-Luna in India. Luna ia an old popular scooter. Lots expectations in this scooter. Recently a picture of Kinetic e-Luna leaked on Internet that comes with rider and pillion seat. 

Kinetic e-Luna

However the specifications of E-Luna, we are expecting the 2 kW electric motor offers 60 kilometres per hour top speed and 100 kms range on a single charge. The load capacity of this scooter is 200 kg. The charging time is 4 to 6 hours to full charge. It will be rival of TVs XL petrol scooter. 

The expecting price of Kinetic e-Luna is Rs 85 to 90 rupees. The launch date of Kinetic e-Luna is December 2023. 

4. Gogoro 2

The Gogoro 2 is an upcoming electric scooter from Taiwanese company Gogoro. It offers detachable battery pack. 

Coming to Specifications, Gogoro comes with 7.2 kW Peak power electric motor that offers 87 kilometres per hour top speed and provides 85 km range on a single charge. 

Gogoro 2 scooter

Its battery swapping technology offers infinite range just spending 5 minutes time at swap station. Gogoro offers mobile apps along with reverse mode features as well. It has also digital display, battery percentage, GPS, voice commands, remote lock unlock and more. 

The expected price of Gogoro scooter is Rs 1 lakh rupees and it’s expecting launch date is August 2023. 

3. LML Star

At the number 3 the LML Star is very futuristic electric scooter. It offers rear and front camera. First it was showcased at Auto Expo 2023. 

LML Star scooter

Now coming to the specifications, LML Stat is connected with 5 kW electric motor that offers 90 kilometres per hour top speed and its load capacity 1s 150 kg. It offers 4 kWh battery pack that provides 150 kilometres range on a single charge. 

It has 7 inch TFD touch display with Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, reverse mode, remote lock unlock. 

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The expecting price of this scooter is 1 lak 50,000 rupees. The launch date of this scooter is September 2023. 

2. Brisk EV Origin Pro

Hydrabad based Brisk EV company showcased their Brisk EV Origin Pro at Auto Expo 2023. It is one of the long range electric scooter in India.

Brisk EV Origin Pro scooter

Coming to Specifications, Origin Pro is offers 330 km long range on a single charge. It is connected with 3.3 kw belt driven electric motor that provides 85 kilometres per hour top speed. It can reach 0 to 40 second in 3.3 seconds. The battery capacity is 4.8 kWh fixed and 2.1 kwh removable. The overall battery capacity is 6.9 kWh that offers 333 km range. 

It comes with 7 inch TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, 4G connectivity, navigation and more. 

The expected price is 1 lakh 75,000 rupees and it may launch in December 2023. 

1.NX 100 E-scooter

The NX100 is not a normal electric scooter. It is the perfect alternative to the Ola electric scooter. Because NX100 is offering best in class technology,range, specifications and also prices.

NX 100 scooter

 The company claims that the NX100 provides 280 km long range on a single charge. It gives 80 kmph top speed that is enough for long drives.

And other best safety features of NX100 is its dash camera. Dash cameras help the rider better safety. 

Now the launch date, Revert Motor’s NX100 is finally going to launch this year in the first week of June. After months, we can expect the NX100 to launch. 

The NX100 electric scooter comes with four different range variants that are 140 km, 210 km and 280 km on a single charge. And also another last variant that is off road and performance based electric scooter. This variant of the NX electric scooter has more power, more range. 

In terms of price, the top variant NX100 electric scooter will be available at Rs 1.5 lakh and the base variant 70 km electric scooter will be available at Rs 80,000. And the 140 km range variant electric scooter will be available at Rs 1.10 lakh.

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