Simple One scooter delivery date update-check here

Bengaluru based startup company Simple One said that they will start the Simple One electric scooter from today on 6th June. The delivery will start as per the pre-booking process. Those customers booked first, they will get the first electric scooter as per serial number.  The first delivery will start from Bengaluru. 

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The Simple one scooter delivery process will start from the Simple Energy showroom. But if you google, you can’t find the Simple Energy showroom in Bengaluru. Only you can find a Simple Energy office. Maybe they have started a Simple Energy showroom for a short time. 

Another question comes to our mind, how many electric scooters are going to be delivered today. The company did not give any information about this number. We are trying to know other sources. But there is no actual information about this number. 

On the launch event, Simple Energy said they will start delivery from 6th June. But how many days this delivery will be going on is unclear. 

We already checked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But there is no single information about the delivery number. No one customer did not reveal any information. 

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It is clear that Simple One delivery is for a limited number. And this delivery is confidential to customers. For a major number of deliveries, Simple Energy will announce on their official website.  

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