Ola smart detection helmets- safety solutions

India top selling electric two wheelers manufacturing company Ola Electric recently announced that they are going to launch Ola smart detection helmets for safety. Ola Electric is operating their business and innovation from 2017 in India. With a focus on affordability, and environmental consciousness, they are driving adoption of EVs in India. 

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Lots of people in India lost their lives due to not wearing a helmet. India is a polluted country and inefficient infrastructure that causes traffic problems. Although the government imposed a tight law on not wearing helmets, people still now don’t follow the rule exactly. To solve this problem, Ola is bringing their smart helmet to two wheeler riders in India.

How do Ola Smart detection helmets work?

These new Ola smart helmets identify the critical issues. With this new technology, Ola is aiming to enhance safety and encourage responsible riding practices among users.

Ola smart detection helmets

The helmet detection system will operate a camera that determines whether the rider is wearing a helmet or not. After detecting the information, the system sends the information to the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU).

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The VCU will process the information and subsequently communicate with the motor control units to determine whether the Motor control unit should determine whether the vehicle should switch to Ride Mode or remain in active mode. For this new technology, Ola aims to prioritize the rider’s safety and ensure that the vehicle operates only when the rider is wearing a helmet.

If the rider is in rider mode and the system identifies that the rider didn’t wear helmets. Then immediately the scooter will change to park mode. 

After the park , the scooter will show a notification on display to wear the helmets before riding. If you don’t wear the helmet the scooter will not start. 

Article source: DriveSpark

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