NX100 electric scooter launch date update|300 km range|Price

Two days ago Reward Motors shared a picture about the NX100 electric scooter launche date. This picture shows that it is ready to launch in the Indian market. The company also shared the NX100 launch date. Before going to the launch date , let’s see the specifications of the NX100 scooter. 

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In terms of Specifications, NX100 electric scooter is Powered by a 4 kilowatt powerful electric motor that produces 80 to 90 kilometers per hour top speed. 

NX100 electric scooter launch date update|300 km range|Price

It is connected with a detachable lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity of this scooter is different for different variants. This scooter takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge.  

The scooter comes with some unique features like dash camera, in-built charger, tap to open footboard space. 


Now the important question, what is the actual range of NX100 scooter?  The base NX100 scooter offers 100 kilometers range. And second variants gives 200 kilometers and premium scooter offers 300 kilometers long range on a single charge. 

Recently the Reward Motors announced the new upgraded premium scooter range will be 280 km to 300 km in a single charge. 

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The price of NX100 scooter vary for different variants. The base variant NX100 (100 km range) is available for only Rs 89,000 rupees. The 200 km range NX scooter is available at Rs 1,29,000 rupees. The 300 km range NX scooter’s starting price is Rs 1,59,000 rupees. 

This price is the past month. It is possible after the FAME-ll subsidy stopped,the new price may hike Rs 10,000 to 15,000 per scooter. 

So, the 100 km range scooter price will be Rs 1 lakh rupees, 200 km range scooter will be Rs 1,44,000 rupees and 300 km range scooter price will be Rs 1,75,000 rupees.

NX100 electric scooter launch date update|300 km range|Price

Launch date

Now coming to launch date, the Reward Motors is planning to launch its NX100 electric scooter on the end of June. In case any mistakes, it will surely launch on July. 

If the 200 km NX electric scooter launched at Rs 1.44 lakh. The competition will start  with Simple One and Ola S1 pro scooter in the market. 

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Lots of customers are waiting for 300 km long range NX100 electric scooter. Just wait for one month. 

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