Kerala based GO-EC will set up 1000 EV fast charging station in India

Kerala based startup company GO-EC Autotech Pvt Ltd is planning to set up 1000 EV charging stations across the country. All the stations come with fast charging options. The company has already installed 70 electric vehicle charging stations in Kerala State and 33 other charging stations are operating across the country.  

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The company stated ” our 1000 electric charging stations will be installed in capital, state highways, and national highways, along with tier-2 and tier-3 cities and rural places in the country”.

The GO-EC company CEO and Executive Director of P G Ramnath said that the company main aim is to provide a fast and as well as a sustainable EV charging solutions that empower electric vehicle users and accelerate the transition to a greener future. For long distance journeys we always need a fast charging station in our way.. Lack of instruction, we always face problems when taking our EVs. To solve this problem, we are going to install 1000 EV charging station across the country. 

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The company is also planning to cater to the needs of customers residing in remote locations that makes it easier for them to adopt electric vehicles, it said. ” The company Go EC has already deployed 103 charging stations in India within one year. Also the company is committed to provide fast charging experience and has partnered with major restaurants and shopping mall, to ensure that EV users are able to easily charge their vehicles while enjoying their visit.”

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