Yamaha Developing Neo’s based e-scooter for India

Yamaha India is developing new Neo’s based electric scooter for India at the 37 km range on a single charge.

The electric two wheelers market, especially the two wheelers segment in India is growing day by day and also new startup companies and giant two wheelers manufacturing companies like TVS , Bajaj. So, Japanese well-known electric two wheelers companies such as Yamaha are also getting ready to join the fray.

Eishinin Chihana, the chairman of  Yamaha, said that the electric vehicles market is growing faster than imagined. so, we are developing our new Yamaha electric scooter for India.” This will be our joint effort between Yamaha India and Yamaha Japan. All the components are under the Made in India as per local vendors sources. The motor and battery will be designed and developed to keep in mind the Indian condition.”

Recently, Yamaha showcased the E01 and European Neo’s electric scooters at a dealer conference in India to gauge their reaction. Yamaha chairman claims that the new Yamaha Neo electric scooter will be one of the best electric scooter for Indian EV customers. However, the dealers did not warm up to the idea based on the international model specifications, which are quite low.

Yamaha electric scooter might be the front running electric scooter in India for Indian customers. It is expected to bring a new powerful motor and better range than the European-spec Neo’s 37km. Yamaha official says that as per their survey, scooters on average are ridden for a minimum 25-35km a day. But the Neo’s are developing to fulfill customer views. Also, they are developing the speed and range for Indian EV customers, within a safe- to-operate limit.

As per survey shows that most of the customers like the minimum 100km range, Chihana said it is an uphill task. Recently, the management technology is not easy to achieve a 100 km range on a single charge. “This technology only can provide you 25 kph range, but if you have performance levels going up to 45 or 50 or 60kph, a real world 100 km range is very difficult,” he said.

Yamaha India is slightly late in the Indian market, it will take about 2 to 3 years from now, before fully production from now. However, it is insistent that it won’t compromise on quality, despite the necessity to get the product to the market soon.

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