Vmoto Soco Group unveiled Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 electric scooter

Vmoto Soco Group is planning to launch Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 electric scooter with Rs 50,000 in India

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Vmoto Soco Group is planning to launch their newly developed electric vehicles  Vmoto Fleet Concept F01  across the globe to capture a huge share in the global EV market. 

The Vmoto Soco Group name has been made in collaboration with two major automotive companies Perth-based Vmoto and China based super Soco. The company has set their plan to unveil newly developed Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 at EICMA 2021,which will primarily cater to the B2B segment. 

Already, Vmoto is working on B2B focused EVS in its portfolio segment. Under the segment they are working on VS1 electric scooter, VS2 light vehicles and an electric three wheeler named VS3.

 VMoto Fleet Concept F01 Specifications

 According to its design, Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 has been made for B2B transportation needs. It has a minimalistic design and is capable of carrying a decent amount of load. Its flat floorboard can give you a wide variety of cargo. The scooter could also hold cargo at the back with the use of all accessories such as racks.

The electric scooter comes with 16- inch front and 14-inch rear wheels. This scooter provides you an effortless wide variety of urban terrain. The seat  height of this scooter was kept low at 785 mm to give more safety and a lower center of gravity. The riders get better control of the scooter. even when short Heights persons may face any issue in terms of having their feet firmly planted on the ground while driving the scooter.

Vmoto Fleet Concept F01  comes with a 2000-watt electric motor which is enough for urban requirements. The scooter can go up to 90 km on a single charge. But, the top speed of this bike is medium , 45 kmph. The scooter’s battery takes 6 hours to fully charge. It comes with a standard suspension system that is telescopic fork at front and swingarm suspension at rear. From safety, the scooter comes with Combined Braking System (CBS).

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The Vmoto Concept Fleet F01 comes with a handsome look. It has smooth, aerodynamic panels that feel its  classy looks apert from EV benefits. other most highlight features of its sharp headlight, unique U-shaped LED DRL and wide handlebar. Also the scooter may be equipped with fully digital specifications.

Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 price 

 Vmoto Fleet Group is planning to launch their new electric scooter. Vmoto Fleet Concept F01 freight  in the India market. As a result, they collaborate with  Bird Electric Mobility (part of Bird Group), the EVs will be rebranded in India. As an example, the Vmoto Soco Group could be launched here as Super Soco CUx. It will be sold as Bird ES1+. The price of this scooter is around Rs 50,000 (ex-showroom).

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