Simple One Electric scooter production started|Delivery

On May 5, Simple Energy founder Mr Subhash Mukherjee posted on twitter that a simple electric scooter will be rolled out for the customers. All the Simple One electric scooter will be manufactured from Simple Vision 1.0 factory. After this news customers are now happy tears after a long time more than 21 months they roll out the first ever electric scooter. 

The 236 kilometres long range Simple One electric scooter details specifications will be released on 23rd May after afternoon 2.30 pm. 

Now the big question is what is the production capacity of a simple electric scooter. In terms of manufacturing capacity, Mr Subhash Mukherjee said that this Vision 1.0  plant’s capacity is about 10 lakh per annum.  They already got 1 lakh pre-booking so far. This plant has been made at Rs 100 crore to increase the capacity.

The company CEO clearly mentioned that our monthly production is above 25,000 units per month that will start from April. But at first they will not manufacture 25,000 electric scooters this month. They will manufacture small amount of electric scooter then slowly slowly the production capacity will increase.

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