RattanIndia is offering 5.9% low interest on buying Revolt e-bike

India’s first electric motorcycle company Revolt has offered 5.99% low interest on buying electric bikes. In India, lots of electric two wheelers companies are launching their new EVs. But Revolt was not there. Its sales are drastically reduced. Now, Revolt wants to reignite itself and compete with the other e-bike companies which are top in the country. Revolt joined hands with RattanIndia private limited who are offering 5.9% low interest to buy this bike.

RattanIndia is offering 5.9% low interest on buying Revolt e-bike

Revolt is a very good looking bike. But its technology is a little old. But the company  Chairperson of Rattan India enterprise Limited, Ms Anjali Rattan claims that our low cost financing scheme will offer more affordable and easier to people to own our motorcycle and benefits from the significant cost of savings that Revolt e-bike provides. 

Revolt is expecting this low cost scheme will encourage the customers who want e-bike. So, Revolt electric bikes are one of the great options at the price range. Where lots of electric two wheelers available at a high price because of government subsidies stopped. 

Customers who want to buy Revolt bikes can apply for financing online or visit Revolt official website. Though it is available for a limited time period, the company said.

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