RACEnergy and Hala Mobility launched 2000 E2W for delivery

Leading battery swapping company RACEnergy and Hala Mobility are going to deploy 2000 electric two wheelers for delivery service across the country. All the electric scooters come with best in class technology and battery swapping technology. Phase 1 will start this year in July.

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Right now one of the big disadvantages is charging stations.So, both the companies are working on battery swapping stations as well as  electric scooters and their main aim is to provide user- friendly and cost effective technology. Race’s dense battery pack swapping network and the lightweight interoperable battery packs that work across two and three wheelers will help Hala accelerate and expand its market and customers base.

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“At Hala Mobility, the main goal is to make sustainable transportation for the future and keep the environment carbon free. For opportunities, we collaborate with RACEnergy, a revolutionary company developing the latest advanced battery swapping technology with advanced cooling technology and management system. This battery technology is suitable for Indian hot  weather. RACE’s impressive advancements, such as their lightning fast 4 second swapping time and an extensive network of swap points that provides better and long range. We are confident that we will be able to make electric vehicles not only accessible but also convenient for all to use.” Said Srikanth Reddy, founder and CEO,Hala Mobility.

We all know electric two wheelers are the future of India. There was a massive growth of about 305% last year. To capture the large E2W market and adopt clean energy in the country. RACEnergy has completed 2.5 million green km and does 500 swaps on its network daily.

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