Ola S1 Pro vs NX 100: Design, Specifications, Price and more

Recently unveiled India’s indigenously made NX 100 electric scooter. It is a direct rival to the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter. 

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Let’s give you a detailed comparison between Ola S1 Pro vs NX 100.


First of all look at the design of Ola S1 Pro and NX electric scooter. Both the electric scooters look futuristic and attractive for the new generation youth. In terms of built quality both Ola S1 and NX are built with strong fiber plastic. 

Ola S1 Pro vs NX 100 :Top speed, Range, Battery

Coming to specifications, Ola S1 Pro offers 116 kmph top speed and NX 100 is expected to top speed 80 km/h to 90 km/h. Ola S1 is connected with 5.5 kW mid drive IPSM electric motor and the other side NX scooter is connected with 4.4 kW belt drive electric motor. 

NX 100 electric scooter

The next segment is its battery capacity. Ola S1 Pro is powered by 3.97 kWh lithium-ion fixed battery and the NX 100 is Powered by 6.2 kWh battery pack which is probably the removable battery pack. 

Now the last is its range segment. Ola S1 Pro claims 181 kms certificate range on single charge and NX 100 claims 280 kms certificate range on a single charge. Coming to real range Ola S1 gives 130 to 140 km and NX 100 gives 240 to 250 km. 

 Coming to charging time, Ola S1 Pro takes 6 hours to full charge and NX 100 takes 4 to 6 hours to full charge. 

And the braking where both Ola S1 and NX scooter provides disc brakes.

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Ola S1 Pro vs NX 100:Features, Price

The next segment is smart connectivity, both Ola and NX provide a 7 inch TFT touch screen display and both scooters  GPs systems. But the Ola S1 Pro doesn’t provide a dash camera and NX 100 provides a dash camera.  Ola S1 has no onboard charger but NX has on board charger. 

Ola S1 Pro is available at Rs 1,24,000 as of April26 and it is expected NX 100 will be available at Rs 1.4 lakh to 1.5 lakh this year 2023.

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After the detailed comparison between Ola S1 Pro and NX 100 electric scooter. It is clear that the main advantage of the NX100 is its range of 280 kms and some attractive features. Soyl, we need to wait for one and a half months for the NX 100 to launch. We are all excited for the NX scooter.

Please tell me in the comments which one is the best electric scooter between Ola S1 and NX 100.

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