Jio is offering free charging station in India 

Can Reliance Jio fill the gap of charging stations in India? The answer is yes. Reliance Jio is a rapidly growing EV charging station across the country. How Reliance is working, let’s read the full article. 

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In 2021, Reliance Jio entered in the charging network with a brand new name of JioBp in India. This brand is offering a fast charging station for two wheelers, three wheelers and also four wheelers. 

This charging station is working on B2B and B2C networks. B2B charging stations will be installed at offices and bus stops. But B2C charging stations will be available for public parks, hotels, shopping malls, airports and more. Jio Bp is largely installed in Delhi Reliance mall . More than 90 charging stations have been installed. 

This charging station offers slow, medium and fast charging options to charge the electric car. The Jio Bp is not only a paid charging station but also it provides a free charging station as well. The free charger offers 7 kW charger and the paid charger offers 60 kW charger. 

Jio Bp electric vehicles charging station

The 7 kW charger gives 1 hour free charge and the 60 kW charger offers 21 rupees per kW. That means if you charge a Tata Nexon electric car that charges 700 rupees to full charge. 

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The company is also working with a battery swapping network. So, Jio joined with an electric two wheeler manufacturing company in India. When you charge you change your discharge battery in just 3 to 5 minutes. So, battery swapping technology is more suitable rather than charging. For this reason, Jio has partnered with Mahindra, Hero and more. 

If you want to charge your vehicles then you need to download the Jio Bp app from the play store and find the charging location through GPs. And just scan the QR code and pay as per kW or time you want to charge your vehicles. That is very simple.

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