Don’t buy e-scooter before reading this article: Ola|Ather|TVs IQube

What is the best selling electric scooter in India? Immediately anybody will tell Ather 450x, Ola S1 or TVs IQube are the best selling electric scooter in India. People are interested to buy this scooter because of its brand or its smart features like TFT display. This is one of the main advantages people are purchasing for these scooters. 

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In this article we will discuss an interesting comparison between a smart electric scooter and a normal electric scooter. Which scooter is more suitable for a common man in future?

At first we will compare the prices of the digital dashboard existing to a petrol electric scooter without any touch screen display. Let’s start with the TVs Jupiter scooter speedometer price is around  3200 rupees whereas Activa digital speedometer price is 3500 rupees. And the Suzuki Burgman comes with a navigation digital display that costs  4000 rupees. 

And the analog meter like Hero splendor and Activa old price is 1200 to 1400 rupees. If this speedometer with newly added digital touch screen display on electric scooters like Ola scooter touch screen price is 12500 rupees, Ather scooter digital display price is 14,000 rupees and the normal display of TVs scooter is expecting cost around 12000 rupees. 

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So, the price of a digital display is four to five times higher than the normal speedometer display. 

Advantage or disadvantage of normal and smart speedmeter

The main advantage of smart digital display is

  • It is easy to use that means everything is available in one screen
  • It connected with Bluetooth,Gps the provides to search a location easily
  • It offers OT updated that gives more features
  • At last people always like updates and new technology like music, battery life, anti theft system and more.

But it has some disadvantages like 

  • Later and after any damages of digital display you have to pay high price 4 to 5 times more
  • 2nd is any issue occurred on the software your will not move
  • And sometimes companies offer free software updates but later you might have to pay for updates.

After analysing both advantages and disadvantages, people should choose what kind of electric scooter he want for normal or smart features. If you go around or you don’t need any Gps help. So, you don’t need a smart digital display or you explore the places and delivery work, you need a smart features screen. 

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If you want to buy a smart electric scooter then you need a smart phone in your pocket. So, people should be smart in knowledge, and don’t need a smart scooter. You have to understand your priorities in your life.

Please tell on comment which is the best for you?

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