EV fire:5 tips to save EVs in Summer season

In Summer season it is better to take more precautions of electric vehicles from mid April to May. Today I will share 5 effective tips for your electric vehicles during this summer season. These tips ensure 99 percent accuracy and just one percent error may occur due to low quality battery cells. The quality of the battery cell is the first important and the safety points come next. 

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Don’t use fast chager

First tips you should avoid the fast charging options during this summer time. Because this fast charging generates heat and the outside heat may catch fire. So you need to keep your battery cold. If you want to use fast charging then you need this charger during the morning and evening times. 

Don’t do overnight charge

2nd tip: you should not charge your vehicles overnight. Although the company provides an auto cut off charger. But sometimes this charging will continue for hours and hours. This is not a charger problem. It is a battery problem. This charger works after particular charging like 50 volts the charger will cut off. But sometimes the voltage will not reach 50 volt the charger provides. So, You plug off after 4 to 5 hours from your vehicle. 

Don’t use EV after immediate charge

Looks if your battery charger reaches 20 percent then the battery already heats up. You don’t need this immediate charge. You should take one or half hour. Then charge the EV. Again after a full charge,take a time to cool the battery that provides better range. Then driving your EVs. 

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Add Earthing wire 

Always connect your home power connectivity with earth. Earth wire always helps to reduce the extra power. Because sometimes power fluctuations in your home then it could not damage your battery. 

Cover your EVs by cotton cover

Most electric vehicles’ battery packs are heated up by direct sunlight. Sometimes we leave our EVs in open places without any cover. Then the battery pack takes heat from the sun that may cause a fire. So, you should cover your EVs with a cotton cover.

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